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One useful feature in bash is that you can recall previously used commands (using arrow keys). You can also recursively search your history by pressing Ctrl + r and typing the command name, which brings up the matching commands. It will also lets you cycle through all matching commands by pressing Ctrl + r repeatedly. This is only helpful, if your history file is big. By default, $HISTFILE holds only limited number of entries (1000 lines or commands). You can easily hack it, so that you can store unlimited number of entries. Simply follow these steps: First, in your .bashrc file, set these variables

export HISTSIZE=
export HISTFILE=~/.bash_eternal_history

This will make your history file unlimited! Other useful feature that you can use is setting $HISTTIMEFORMAT variable. This will write time stamps in the history file, marked with the history comment character, so they may be preserved across shell sessions.

export HISTTIMEFORMAT="[%F %T] "

Now start making a never ending history!